Comparison of Dissertation and Thesis

Comparison of Dissertation and Thesis

If students graduate from university, they are required to obtain a master/doctoral degree (or get an ABD status in some cases). They have to write a serious paper in the particular field. Needless to say, this is a huge project that requires good ability in writing, deep research, & a lot of work with various information from the academic program.

In this article, we will compare a thesis & a dissertation. We will find a difference between these documents, plus share with readers some good tips related to writing a successful college student resume to get a great job after finishing studying.

Similar Things Between the Dissertation and Thesis

Here are similarities between a thesis & dissertation to learn:

  1. Both these papers have the same purpose: commonly, in many schools, these two terms are used interchangeably.
  2. A dissertation & a thesis have certain terms, they should be done in time without delays. If a student is failed to defend his / her document, they could try to do it many times.
  3. Both dissertation and thesis require students to choose a topic for research and create a complex work to demonstrate the level of their skills & knowledge they have got for years of studying various programs on their faculty.
  4. Both dissertation & thesis have a similar structure & format.
  5. If students are going to get their master / PhD degree, they should create a master thesis proposal / dissertation thesis proposal before writing a final paper. The main goal of this work is to introduce to readers the main aim of writing the future document.
  6. A student has to defend both completed thesis & a dissertation to get a certain degree.
  7. If students are writing a dissertation/thesis, they should avoid copyright infringement: this term means they couldn't copy works from other authors because their rights are reserved. That is why it is important to be careful with every word during creating a thesis/dissertation if a high grade is your biggest dream.


Differences Between a Dissertation and a Thesis

Needless to say, there is a differ between a thesis & dissertation. We have gathered all differences between these papers here:

  1. With doctorate dissertations & theses, students can get various degrees. Students in the United States are required to make a thesis to get a master degree & to write a dissertation to get a PhD degree.
  2. These documents have different length. A thesis should have at least 100 pages; dissertation is a longer document than a thesis.
  3. If you are making a thesis, it's important to conduct the original research; in the dissertation, you should use existing research.
  4. You have to add a thesis analysis to the existing literature. A dissertation is a part of analysis of the existing literature.
  5. In the dissertation, you need to do more extensive work to develop your research in the particular area, than in a thesis.
  6. A thesis and a dissertation have different statements. A thesis statement just states a point to explain to readers how you're going to prove an argument in your study. A dissertation requires a hypothesis. There you need to define results you expect from your written work & describe your expectations. If students are writing a dissertation, they need to use theory to research a particular subject.
  7. It is hard to compare, but writing a dissertation is more difficult for school students. In fact, they have more questions to create a good work.

If you have got a good understanding of how a successful thesis / dissertation should be written, it could be useful to look at various samples to understand that you're on the right way. Most examples you may find in the Internet, are written using the same format, but you can find some differences. Needless to say, writing a thesis / dissertation is a serious work. It requires a lot of skills in different fields: great abilities in writing, solid knowledge in the topic, practice, and a lot of patience. Plus, you have to organize your time well.

Creating a good dissertation / thesis is not easy; if you feel it's too complicated to make this document, you can order a great dissertation / bright thesis from experienced writers. Writing a thesis / dissertation can be quite complicated and challenging thing. We ensure that you can find online experts that know exactly how to write a well-structured, original, and successful document.