25 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips and Tricks

25 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips and Tricks
Table of Contents
  1. 25 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips and Tricks
  2. 25 Ways to Enhance your LinkedIn profile
  3. 1. Get Your Name In the Lights
  4. 2. Get the Most Value from Your Tagline
  5. Here's an example of an Before and After Tagline
  6. 3. Make sure you use a professional-looking headshot
  7. 4. Make use of a background image
  8. 5. Claim an fake URL
  9. 6. Include your contact information in the designated folder
  10. 7. Modify Your Public Profile Settings
  11. 8. Create sections that are driven by achievement and experience.
  12. 9. Keywords should be used in the sections on Summary or Experience
  13. 10. Display Your Work
  14. 11. Complete All Sections
  15. 12. Embed Media Elements into Your Website to Keep the Reader Interested
  16. 13. Make the Right Choices for the Skills You Need
  17. 14. Request Recommendations
  18. 15. Don't forget the Linkedln Ads
  19. 16. Modify Sections to Display Your The Best You
  20. 17. Choose to include Personal Information (or Do Not)
  21. 18. Make sure that your profile data is aligned with Your Resume Data
  22. 19. Create Your LinkedIn Profile Mobile-Friendly. LinkedIn Profile Mobile-Friendly
  23. 20. Participate on the site
  24. 21. Make sure you update your connections
  25. 22. Complete Your Profile Complete Your Profile 100%
  26. 23. Join up to 100 LinkedIn Groups
  27. 24. Like and leave comments on other People's Status Updates
  28. 25. Write articles that will help Others
  29. Last Thought

If you're trying to enhance the performance of your LinkedIn marketing, you must to create each section the proper manner. After you've completed your profile, it is important to keep your profile updated to get the greatest visibility.

This checklist of 25 points provides sections you need to complete, as well as instructions on how to complete these sections in the most efficient way - and finish it all in a single day.

25 Ways to Enhance your LinkedIn profile

If you can even do a fraction of these actions will set you ahead of your competition. Follow them all and you could impress potential employers.

1. Get Your Name In the Lights

Enter your name in the manner you'd like to be called. You can also use the previous name option if you have changed your name during your career, and you want to be able to find your old name. You can also select who will see your old name.

2. Get the Most Value from Your Tagline

The way you optimize your tagline is crucial in establishing the success of your LinkedIn profile. Your tagline, also known as your headline include the words, descriptors, and deliverables you wish to be viewed by hiring managers and recruiters.

Don't make this line appear as your current title at work. Instead, you should use this 120-character space to provide the reader an overview of your professional profile to encourage them to click the link on your profile to learn more. Employers employ these terms to search for individuals who are similar to you!

Are you confused about what words and keywords to use? Check out the job descriptions that interest you, then pick those phrases that fit your skills best.

Here's an example of an Before and After Tagline

Prior to: SVP, Stanford Capital Partners

After: Financial Services SVP/COO | Investment Management | Client Services | M&A Integration | Increased Margins

3. Make sure you use a professional-looking headshot

If you employ an experienced photographer or opt for your own photo choosing the correct image uploaded on you LinkedIn profile is crucial. Make sure that your profile picture shows you appear professional, and is suitable for the kind of business you work in and the job you're applying. Employers and recruiters would like to have an emotional connection with your potential employer as a candidate.

A photo included of yourself on your LinkedIn profile will increase the chances of the likelihood of your profile being seen by up to 40 percent. The absence of a pictureor, even worse, using poor choice of a pictureis a serious threat to the impression your profile creates.

Make sure you invest in a professional photo or select a picture of yourself in which you're dressed professionally. Select a headshot that is cropped so it is clear of blurs, other people , and background distractions.

4. Make use of a background image

You can choose to upload a background to match your profile picture to further enhance your branding. You can select an image (ensure that you are granted the right to use the image) or utilize meme creators to create a picture of a quote which embodies your values. It is a fantastic way to show off your personal brand, and to showcase the image you wish to present. The dimensions of this image is 1400x425 pixels. It should be a .jpg, .gif or .png file.

5. Claim an fake URL

It's much easier to let people know about your LinkedIn profile if there is a direct hyperlink with your name. LinkedIn allows you to modify your profile's URL in a matter of minutes and you should make changes if you haven't yet.

If you do not, you'll end up with an unspecific (and lengthy) link that's difficult to incorporate on your resume and business cards. The LinkedIn Help instructions show you how to personalize your profile's URL (otherwise called an vanity URL).

6. Include your contact information in the designated folder

Under the vanity URL as well as the in the top three of your account, you can choose the option of adding your Twitter handle as well as three websites addresses, a telephone number, web address or email address, and so on put in an address file located at the lower left-hand corner of your profile's intro box, next to you LinkedIn URL. Utilizing this area allows hiring managers to reach you.

7. Modify Your Public Profile Settings

LinkedIn automatically makes profiles available to be visible to people in the public. You can set the sections that are accessible to the general public (and those that aren't) whenever your account shows in a search engine result.

In general, you'll need all the sections shown, but you could select a different method of selecting what's visible or not.

8. Create sections that are driven by achievement and experience.

The summary section gives you with a space of 2,000 characters to highlight your accomplishments and the most notable achievements. In addition, you can refer to other sections of your profile there in order to make it easier for users to continue scrolling through other areas of your profile, where your work is prominently showcased.

Here's the best place to begin building your personal brand. Get rid of the cliches and fluff and instead, make this section filled with action-oriented data and words, letting your personality shine for the potential employer. Don't just claim that you're driven by results, show this by citing concrete outcomes in your profile.

You must ensure that you create the perfect first impression when you are introducing yourself in the initial 363 characters of your profile page. What's that strange number? It's because of the characters that show up on your website without needing to click to read further.

Here's a helpful guide for making achievement-driven statements to use in your overview and experience sections. For each claim or task you're making:

  • You should ask yourself "How did I make money, save money, streamline a process, improve the outcome or contribute to culture?"
  • Another method to approach this question isto ask "How do I know I did a good job?" and then explain the quality of work that you did like.

Using these two questions will steer you away from wasting space by listing job responsibility tasks in your profile and will instead put you on the road to developing accomplishment-driven language in your profile.

9. Keywords should be used in the sections on Summary or Experience

Keywords are crucial in your profile, and not only on your title. In your overview and experience sections, it is important to include words that allow hiring managers to "find you" in a keyword search.

Quick tip: Copy and paste the job description in a Word Cloud software such as Wordle.net, to find acronyms and keywords that are required to include on your resume. Include these keywords in your summary and the experience section. It is important to incorporate the same keywords when creating the skills section on your website (more on the subject later).

Make use of words that show your capabilities, subject matter competence and skills whenever you can especially in your summaries and experience sections.

10. Display Your Work

There are many sections in your profile that permit you to show off your achievements and professional experience and showcase your personal style. Each of these sections will help to build your image.

For instance, you can you can use the project section to highlight work relevant to your field. (Be sure that you are granted permission to publish this information in your profile publicly.) This is a great option for graphic artists as well as conference speakers or corporate trainers. What you include in this section can help to set your company apart from others.

Include pertinent details in these sections like publications or projects, as well as courses, and volunteer experiences. Upload relevant video, presentation and media. Be sure that the content you upload reinforces your personal image.

11. Complete All Sections

The more comprehensive your profile, better chances you are of coming on someone's search results. Be sure to fill out each of the sections, that include education, certificates as well as the additional sections that your profile offers, if appropriate.

Be aware of the overall impact that each detail will have on your personal image. Include details that can help improve your brand's image and makes your profile more prominent.

Are you fluent in several languages? Have you received honors and prizes? Are you a patent holder? These are facts to highlight that will aid you in standing out from your competitors.

12. Embed Media Elements into Your Website to Keep the Reader Interested

If you're looking create a profile that is captivating and engaging to keep people browsing through your profile, include media, such as images, videos, documents and audio. You're basically creating a your portfolio to go the resume. It is easy to incorporate these links in your summary, experience, education, and various other sections.

Like all other things, you'll be looking to ensure that the media you choose to use is in line with your brand's image and reinforces you image and image in a favorable way.

13. Make the Right Choices for the Skills You Need

The section on skills allows you to make an immediate association with various abilities you would like to market. Be cautious when selecting the appropriate skills and you can pick between 50 and 100 depending on the job you're looking for and your personal branding.

The possibilities are endless However, this is the best place to keep track of the areas of your expertise. Concentrate on the abilities that are most relevant for your profile overall and the type of job you're looking for. You can refer to the descriptions of jobs for suggestions regarding the appropriate keywords and phrases to include.

14. Request Recommendations

Being able to have managers, colleagues, vendors, clients as well as mentors provide advice on your capabilities and work is the most effective social boost you can find through LinkedIn. Connect with your connections and ask them to give an endorsement. The more detailed the recommendation is, the more valuable.

15. Don't forget the Linkedln Ads

LinkedIn ads offer a powerful way to enhance your LinkedIn profile and expand your professional network. By leveraging targeted advertising campaigns, you can reach a wider audience and increase your visibility among industry peers and potential employers. With LinkedIn's advanced targeting options, you can focus on specific demographics, job titles, or industries, ensuring your ads are seen by the right people. By promoting your profile through LinkedIn ads, you can showcase your skills, accomplishments, and expertise, attracting more connections and opportunities. LinkedIn ads enable you to amplify your personal brand and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field, ultimately boosting your career prospects and opening doors to new professional endeavors.

16. Modify Sections to Display Your The Best You

Do you realize that could change the order of the sections on your profile to highlight the information you consider the most important? And then highlight your qualities that put you most attractively?

In order to do that, search for the icon located in the lower right hand corner in each section. It's called "move LinkedIn sections." Your sections should be arranged in accordance with what you believe is the most important for the people you want to reach. For job seekers, this means prospective employers.

17. Choose to include Personal Information (or Do Not)

It could (or might not!) be apparent to provide personal information. In the case of U.S. job seekers, it's not required to add personal details. If you are applying for jobs outside of the U.S., including a birth date and marital status are usual.

18. Make sure that your profile data is aligned with Your Resume Data

In most cases of job applications hiring managers will look up your LinkedIn profile after having looked over your resume. It's crucial for your resume to match with your LinkedIn profile are in sync.

It doesn't need to be exactly word-for-word. However, title, dates and data and qualifications must match the with respect to each other. In the absence of these documents aligned could hinder your job search or make your credibility questionable.

19. Create Your LinkedIn Profile Mobile-Friendly. LinkedIn Profile Mobile-Friendly

Around 40 percent of LinkedIn users utilize the LinkedIn Mobile applications. While the information a person discovers on a computer is exactly the same as what is available on mobile devices but the layout and the functionality differ. There are a few points that you need to be aware of.

Have a look at the first 73 characters in my tagline, and those first 42 characters of my profile summary, as shown in the image below. To find out the way your profile will appear on mobile devices look it up on your personal phone.

LinkedIn profile on a mobile device

20. Participate on the site

The amount of time you spend on the platform is shown in your LinkedIn profile. It considered to be a significant factor by LinkedIn. Joining groups, sharing status updates posting status updates, commenting on posts, and sharing content are all ways to connect with others on the site and communicate with your contacts. When someone views your profile, they'll observe how active you've had been with LinkedIn and the frequency you've shared or posted information.

Update your status regularly and let your contacts know what you're doing. Status updates could consist of a hyperlink to an article you find interesting, details about an event you're attending or details of a presentation you're presenting. It is also possible to engage by asking questions to your contacts or responding to another person's question. The more you engage and engage with your network, more likely you'll be able to receive the response you want.

Keep in mind that having a solid LinkedIn profile is just one aspect of "getting more views on your profile" puzzle. Engaging your members is the second step in bringing people to view your profile. Join your groups as well as your contacts and you'll get more views for your profile.

21. Make sure you update your connections

On a regular basis make sure to update your contacts you have included in your LinkedIn list of connections. LinkedIn provides you with an effective tool for expanding your network. Visit My Network, click on Connections, and then select the star wheel on the right to join to your Gmail contacts, or to import your contacts for inviting to join your network.

Additionally, under My Network, you can select "Add Contacts," and LinkedIn lets you add people one-by-one, or select an email address provider that will connect your contacts to your connections on LinkedIn.

22. Complete Your Profile Complete Your Profile 100%

After your profile has been completed the profile will be displayed on LinkedIn results on search results from your connections. As a job-seeker it is essential for getting noticed by employers. Follow the steps to complete your profile.

If you're not currently employed, provide the "present" position that indicates the kind of job you're looking for. Also, list the professional tasks you're engaged in while searching for your next position. The inclusion of this "to present" position listed can help in ensuring your profile being completely complete.

23. Join up to 100 LinkedIn Groups

If you sign more than 100 group, you're now in the connections webs of all the members of these 100 groups and not only the webs that connect the three levels of connection. This makes your profile be displayed in a greater number of results for searches.

24. Like and leave comments on other People's Status Updates

The interaction will improve your views on your profile, and may bring offline conversations. Make the most use out of LinkedIn with a social media automation tool like SocialBeeBulkly or SalesRobot that puts your social media scheduling on autopilot..

25. Write articles that will help Others

Post relevant information to your field and industry to make you appear as an authority to your colleagues.

Last Thought

The creation of a solid LinkedIn profile is a crucial component of nearly every job hunt today. Being active on LinkedIn increases your chances to be noticed by the right people.

The checklist will help you create a an optimized, high-quality profile that, when coupled with view-building exercises will make it easier that hiring supervisors to locate you (and hiring managers to talk to) for the perfect job.