35 Dissertation Topics 2020

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35 Dissertation Topics 2020

A dissertation is a high-level academic paper that reflects knowledge of the field and serves as a basis for receiving respectable types of degrees. The topic of the paper in the case of the dissertation is not just a name for registration on the list. It reflects the scope of the research and all the research questions. One look at the dissertation topics can make an irreversible impression. 

Your dissertation topic should correspond to your view of the paper and the intentions you have. Before you decide on the topic it is worth to look into the following:

  • Existing resource base for the topic (literature, aids needed to conduct the research, etc.)
  • Similar researches conducted and the novelty of yours in relation to them
  • Requirements and limitations that were given by your professor/ scientific committee
  • Scope of your research and its limits
  • The results you expect to receive in the conclusion of your dissertation
  • The methodology you are planning to use for the research
  • Compile approximate time schedule and assess the feasibility of your expectations
  • Prepare a list of potential topics (do not put all the eggs in one basket, the topic you wish to research might be taken by a peer in another educational establishment) 

All the information mentioned above should come from reliable sources. Make sure to use the libraries of your university, faculty or department, and consult with graduate students. Whether you are using online sources, or electronic, check their reliability. At times, the instructor provides a long list of requirements that seems too long-winded to read. What you need to pay attention to is the date of publication of the sources you are allowed to use. It might say that you are to use the sources issued not later than 2017. Here is one of the research limitations received from the instructor. 

Be prepared to hear that the topic you decided to research is taken by someone else. Have backup solutions such as a list of topics related to the field. In case you have been working with the topic previously, make sure to provide the evidence for the continuation of the same work. Assess the difficulties before you settle for any topic. Some of the researches might not be conducted due to small funding or lack of time. That is why creating a timeline for your research is recommended. 

Remember that the dissertation topic should present an insight into an under researched or underdeveloped sphere. Make sure you read all the updated lists of published researchers, especially by your peers. 

35 Dissertation Topics to Look Into When writing your Research 

Selecting your research topic should start with consulting the dissertation committee members/ supervisors. Also, the lists of topics needing research are always published on the news feeds of all the educational institutions. Here is a newly updated collection and summary of all the topics for 2020 dissertations. 

Business & Economics

  • Preventing Economic Losses After Natural Disasters
  • Globalization and National Economies
  • The spread of online business: pros and cons
  • Payment Systems: The Past and Future
  • The definition of economic crisis and its development in modern times

Public Health

  • Social Networks and their Influence on Teenage Health
  • Volunteering Organizations and their Effectiveness in Fighting Health Problems
  • Health Awareness among Homeless
  • Climate Change Influence on Socially vulnerable segments of the population
  • Sexual Education in Primary Schools  


  • Autism Disorders and visual adaptation
  • Advances in Diabetes Treatment Protocol
  • Ways of Funding the Medical Research
  • Depressive Disorders and Prenatal Stresses 
  • Substance Abuse During Pregnancy


  • Inclusive education in the countries of the developing world
  • The effect of remote learning on the level of acquired skills
  • The influence of grading in primary school on the student’s psychological development
  • Cultural Adjustment of International Students 
  • Assessment of the Core Subjects of Primary School


  • Ethics of Euthanasia: Moral and Law Aspects
  • Defining Subjects of Law. Animals as subjects of Law
  • Human security and UNO: An insight into modern conflicts
  • Compensation of Claims on Emotional Distress
  • Regulations on Environmental Information

Social Studies

  • The Use of Artificial Intelligence and Human Labor
  • Analysis of Segments of the Society Represented in Congress
  • Risk assessment plan of a town/city/country in case of a natural disaster
  • Cooperation with Civilian population during armed conflicts
  • Mass media influence on the election process among various age categories of the population


  • Alternative building materials 
  • A Look into the Future of Highway designs: Pros and Cons of Current Techniques
  • Alternative housing solutions
  • Engineering means of fighting natural disasters & calamities
  • Artificial Intelligence & Natural Disasters


A good idea is to read a couple of successful papers and combine the titles. For sure, preserving the relevance to your paper is the key point, but there is no harm in using samples for inspiration. Coming up with the best name for your dissertation should not necessarily be a daunting task. With the use of professional writing specialists, this task is easy to deal with. Address the supervisor, your peers, and online resources to design an effective topic.