How Do You Organize Your Bathroom Counters To Maximize Style And Functionality?

How Do You Organize Your Bathroom Counters To Maximize Style And Functionality?
Table of Contents
  1. How Do You Organize Your Bathroom Counters To Maximize Style And Functionality?
  2. How To Style And Organize Bathroom Countertops Like A Pro
  3. Keep Surfaces Clear
  4. Put Top Drawers To Good Use
  5. Jars Of Toilet Necessities
  6. Make Use Of A Decanter To Store The Mouthwash You Use
  7. Old Jars Can Be Recycled
  8. Think About A Carousel With A Beautiful Design
  9. Use Vertical Space For Storage
  10. Don't Forget To Decor
  11. What Should I Leave On My Bathroom Counter?

You may be looking to brighten your bathroom for guests or want to create a tranquil space in your bathroom. We spoke with interior experts in design and decluttering from to find out their top tips for arranging bathroom countertops to maximize style and functionality.

The countertop can truly determine the success or failure of the overall bathing space-you need an item that is appealing to the eye and keeps your everyday things within reach. However, you wish to avoid turning your bath into a glitzy cosmetics exhibit.


How To Style And Organize Bathroom Countertops Like A Pro

From ensuring that your less-essential items have a place in your home to putting in only the most miniature ornaments, here's everything you should be aware of when organizing and styling a bathroom countertop.

Keep Surfaces Clear

When organizing the bathroom counter, it is best to keep it simple. If the bathroom is shared or has many guests to use, cleaning the countertop will make it appear tidier and easier to maintain. If it's the main bathroom or not, you want to keep your bathroom neat with numerous items visible on your counter. Decluttering items you don't use frequently can help create space for those you use occasionally.

Put Top Drawers To Good Use

The space you create in the top drawer can allow you to clear your countertop of non-essential items and make space for a more organized bathroom design all around. This can instantly transform your countertop to seem more spacious and airy. Clear out the top drawers and the medicine cabinet, leaving them open for the essentials you need. Once you've cleared everything, apart from the essentials, ensure you keep your bathroom clean. To make the most space, all items you use daily could be stored in trays underneath the sink, on your most attractive bath cabinet, and in drawers that can keep your bathroom tidy and clean for longer.

Here are some bathroom countertop organizer ideas that can improve the appearance of your bathroom:

Jars Of Toilet Necessities

To have a more organized method to store the bathroom essentials such as cotton balls and soap bars, containers for apothecaries are the best option. They can enhance the overall design of your bathroom. Check it out and experience what you think.

Make Use Of A Decanter To Store The Mouthwash You Use

Mouthwash can add personality and whimsy to your bathroom without going into the realm of kitschy. This should add a touch of class to the kitchen counter.

Old Jars Can Be Recycled

Mason Jars are the standard method for storing makeup brushes, toothbrushes, etc. One great idea is to use white pearls, vase fillers, and rice to ensure that your brushes are upright and straight. Upcycling old flower pots can be a fantastic option to organize your system because they can be customized according to your tastes and style preferences.

Think About A Carousel With A Beautiful Design

Cosmetic carousels and lazy Susans are ideal for organizing counter space and decorating since they can keep your necessities neat without becoming restricted or difficult to reach. Carousels with stylish designs are endless, or you can make an individual tiered tray out of old glasses and plates, according to expert declutterer Kate Windleton.

Use Vertical Space For Storage

It will look more cluttered if you use the space in the horizontal direction, so why not move it vertically? With the tiered bins for storage, you will not only reduce the clutter on your counters, but you also make them less cluttered and can also organize more items at once.

Another method to eliminate clutter on the bathroom counter is to fill in the empty spaces with shelving. That's right: move up. Adding shelves higher up on the walls or using an etagere will enhance your storage without occupying valuable counter space. This is particularly important for people with small bathrooms with little storage.

Don't Forget To Decor

A well-organized bathroom countertop will help you style the bathroom; however, it doesn't mean you shouldn't pay particular attention to the smaller details. The decorative items are inexpensive, such as a nice diffuser made of reeds or a miniature artwork, suggests Windleton. Think of your bathroom countertop as a hotel. Make sure you only have the necessities and a minimalist design. For your bathroom that isn't shared by most, it's possible to add additional things on top should you wish; however, you should keep it clear of clutter.

What Should I Leave On My Bathroom Counter?

There is a place to keep some perfumes, lotions, and a holder for your toothbrush on your countertop. However, it would help if you kept most of your possessions in cabinets and drawers, taking items out when necessary. Be aware that the countertop in the bathroom is also a moist area all the time and is, therefore, a perfect environment for the spread of germs. Making your countertop clean and airy will make it easier to wash and disinfect the area regularly.

However, if you're looking to add some individuality to your home, getting a bathroom-friendly plant can do the trick. Bamboo plants are not just a way to offer your bathroom a unique and refreshing look. They can also thrive in humid environments, making them ideal bathroom accessories. Additionally, candles that smell good will help you unwind and transform your space into a relaxing spa experience.