The 9 best Flipbook Software Tools for Making Interactive Books

The 9 best Flipbook Software Tools for Making Interactive Books
Table of Contents
  1. The 9 best Flipbook Software Tools for Making Interactive Books
  3. Flippingbook
  4. Flip Builder
  5. Flip HTML5
  6. Anyflip
  7. Paperturn
  8. Yumpu
  9. LucidPress
  10. 1stFlip
  11. What exactly is Flipbook Software?

The word "flipbook" has a new significance in the digital age. Flipbooks are an elegant, glossy display of a PDF file catalog or magazine format. The users "flip" through the book with the help of the interface, and the software responds with an animated flip around the book. The advantages of flipbooks include:

They look just like magazines, and the format is very familiar;
No publication costs are involved;
Shared via websites, social media sites, or specifically-designated servers;
Many times, they are embedded with multi-media elements;
Flipbooks enable users to upload information on social media sites or websites. They can also be posted to specific servers.

They're an ideal tool to:

Teachers who design electronic courses;
Students who want to write stunning reports;
Magazine publishers;
Companies that have catalogs that they update frequently;
These are 9 top digital flipbook software tools to start your exploration of the world in 2022.



PUBHTML5 lets users make stunning, professional-looking online magazines. A free version of the software for flipping books can be enough to get you started (if you're not opposed to the watermarks of the company). There are many reasonably priced paid alternatives.

Pre-designed templates are accessible and are available in the free version;
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E-Books can be transformed into PDF files and/or ZIP files, which can be uploaded via FTP or converted into an EXE format for easy sharing;
No additional applications are required to read e-books on handheld devices;
PUBHTML5 uses password-protected, free cloud storage;
You can make private e-books available for sharing by giving access to as few as you like;
Integration with Google AdSense to help you make money from your content;
Help and support online is extensive and includes numerous pages for help and support.

Pages can be difficult to turn;
There are no options to zoom in to a full-screen view;
Flipbooks can't be viewed offline using the trial version.



Flippingbook is a single-time download software and web-based service that lets you create and distribute attractive e-books that incorporate rich media to serve various purposes, including promotional.

E-books display crystal clear across all mobile and desktop devices;
Website embedding options, along with Google Analytics integration;
Quick page flips, quick fast page flips, and advanced customization options, such as viewing backgrounds, skins, and branding, are available;
ToC to make navigation simple;
Notes in Post-it-style will be saved to the browser each time they start it next time.

There's a demo version, but it's not a cost-free version;
The software is expensive, and it is only a lifetime purchase. There are no monthly contract options.


Flip Builder

Flip Builder is a flipbook program that converts PDF files to excellent online books with just one click.

Allow you to YouTube videos as well as audio, hyperlinks, and Flash;
Support for touch on mobile devices;
An abundance of templates online are available for book creation online;
Google Analytics and social media integration;
Flip Builder's shopping cart allows you to offer PDF e-books across various platforms.

When reading an online book, the animation background can be challenging to switch off or alter. Prices range from $79 to $999 to $79 for the Mac or iPad pdf to e-book conversion and up to $999.00 to purchase the business plan.

The purchase of the program permits you to:

Create an unlimited number of e-books;
Upgrade free for the rest of your life;
Remove the watermark on published e-books.


Flip HTML5

Like PUBHTML5, Flip HTML5 can create stunning, fully-featured flipbooks.

It compiles your entire library and displays them in the form of a bookcase, which you can place on your site;
The subscription feature allows users to receive periodic updates when published;
Gathers data on your viewers, allowing you to understand your target viewers better.

Embedding your e-book onto your website is impossible using the trial version;
Need to purchase premium accounts at a higher level to access various interactive features;
What can you expect from the premium version?

Premium accounts are available starting at just $15 per month with the Professional plan and rise to a one-time cost of $999.00 in the enterprise plan. When you sign up for the paid program includes:

Increased storage capacity and unlimited uploads to flipbooks;
The capability to publish more significant documents;
Long-term access statistics;
Conversion to different formats like DOCX PPTX, DOCX, and conversion to other formats like XLSX, PPTX, and DOCX.



While Anyflip's interface and software are like FlipHTML5's, the free Flipbook application offers more advantages than the other flipbook software.

The digital book can be read on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Kindle;
You can convert PDF documents into digital books online or download Windows or Mac software for no cost;
SEO optimization has been built-in to ensure that Google bots will discover your book;
Free online digital book templates designs, themes, backgrounds, and scenes, as well as an option of a free version;
Google Analytics, social media sharing, and distribution of subscriptions are also included in the free version.

The demo pages are extremely slow to switch and load;
Watermark embedded in the trial version;
This is what you can expect from the premium version.

Subscriptions to paid features start at a cost from $15.00 per month to the Pro version. Pro version, and up to a one-time fee of $999.00 per month for the Enterprise version. Enterprise Paid versions offer:

More uploads per month and more extensive cloud storage;
The capability to publish to an offline computer to allow offline viewing;
The option of adding audio, video as well as Flash the flipbook using the top-tiered packages;
Integrated library tool.



In comparison to other online flipbook applications, Paperturn is a great app. You can create flipbooks that are stunning and quickly loaded. Also, you can incorporate your flipbook directly on your site, with a page-turning effect. You can also post your flipbook on your blog, email signature, or social media accounts to attract more viewers. Whatever method you choose, your flipbook will be immediately accessible from any device and display a unique, pixel-perfect design every time.


Yumpu is a flipbook application that integrates social media to provide an exclusive online service for its customers.

Stores your magazines on the cloud so that your readers will be able to access your magazines;
Hotspots that allow you to embed slideshows, videos, links, and even sounds;
Publishing your work on will place you in their database and allows you to be found through their search engine and recommended to readers interested in your work;
There is a WordPress plugin that lets you convert your flipbook into an online, easily-read electronic paper.

You must buy a more expensive pay-per-use option to get features that are basic to other flipbook software like Google Analytics, as well as conversion for flipbooks to be viewed on smartphones.

What can you expect from this version? Yumpu's plans vary from $10.00 USD to $339.00 monthly. The two first paid tiers provide a 30-day free trial that allows you to begin. The main differences between the paid and free plans are:

Privacy settings that start from the $10.00 per month plan;
Mobile device compatibility when you subscribe to mobile device compatibility with a $219.00 per month bundle;
Subscription management, which includes in-app purchases, subscriptions, and subscriptions using this $399.00 per month plan.



LucidPress offers the ability to create print and digital magazines and flyers by using the online Flipbook application.

Web-based drag-and-drop interface;
Large, dedicated, and dedicated support via tutorials, forums, as well as email;
No credit card is required to download the free version.

The free application is highly restricted, allowing only three pages per document. Additionally, you cannot print PDF documents;
You are no longer able to edit documents you have already created once you have exceeded the 25MB storage space that comes with the trial account;
If you're working alongside an account holder who is paid, You won't be able to edit documents with more than three pages if you're using an account; With a trial period;
Plans cost $2.00 or $4.00 higher if you opt to pay by the month instead of annual.



1stFlip is a PDF-to-flipbook converter that converts static photos or PDFs into engaging flipping books that can be used for each Mac and Windows platform.

Demo pages load quickly to flip over and load;
Books can be converted into EXE, ZIP, and HTML files that can be used for offline reading;
One click to share flip magazines to social media or embed them on blogs, websites, or even your website;
Fully customizable templates are readily available;
Book Management lets you modify flipbooks, including tags, private settings, and more.

The free version is only 30 day's trial. 1stFlip costs $99.00 to purchase the Flipbook Creator and $299.00 for the professional plan. It is the same price regardless of Mac and Windows operating systems. The main differences between standard and pro versions include the capability to:

Insert new pages in existing flipbooks;
Add trigger actions and convert callouts, shapes, and even text into hotspot links;
Have a range of functions, such as YouTube audio and video;
Remove unwanted pages or change the page order.


What exactly is Flipbook Software?

Flipbook software lets you develop digital content, like e-books and magazines, with pages that readers flip precisely like a traditional book. With the abundance of flipping book software programs available, anyone can make HTML5 flipbooks without prior experience. We suggest you try various flipbook software programs to see what you prefer before committing to a specific product.