Tips on How to Cite a Dissertation in Chicago Style

Tips on How to Cite a Dissertation in Chicago Style

Probably, all the university and college students heard a lot about dissertations. You may know many myths about this paper and its fulfillment. Some students are afraid of this paper from the beginning of their studying even when they have to start writing it after years of college. 

The most common myth is about dissertation citations. Many students think that making citations for the dissertation is a quite boring and long process that takes a pile of time and nerves. In this guide, we have gathered the most effective tips on citing a dissertation in Chicago style. You will get all the important ways of citing your paper properly without problems. This is not a complex process, but many students make myths about it because they don't know the main simple rules.  

Of course, for some students, it may be difficult to make a good paper and cite it following the main standards due to many reasons. If you don't have enough time or skills, there is still a perfect chance to make a successful manuscript! Use our dissertation service to help get a strong paper without problems.

Why Do You Need to Cite Your Dissertation?

Students create a dissertation as their final work in the university to receive a degree. During the creation of this paper, you need to explore the field of your future paper and show the dissertation committee a full understanding of the problem highlighted in the manuscript. The result of your research and work is your dissertation which must be defended properly to get a degree.

Thanks to citations, you can reference any other sources (books, websites, journals, published articles, etc.) you have included in your paper. Some students think that citations can make their papers less original but it's not true. Citations from trustworthy sources help to support the author's ideas and thoughts. Every serious paper must contain citations to prove your argument and show the readers that your research is quite important for others.

Here are the main reasons why students have to cite their dissertations:

  • It's a great way to show to readers that your research is fulfilled properly and thoroughly;
  • With citations, you give credit to other authors, including researchers and scientists;
  • Properly written citations help to avoid plagiarism;
  • Citations in your paper help to prove the author's credibility;
  • Those people who want to study the subject deeper can use citations to get access to reliable sources for studying.

As for now, you already know why citing a dissertation is important. And let's discover the tips for creating correct citations for your dissertation in Chicago style.

What's the Chicago Style and When to Use It?

Citations in Chicago style comes in two types: author-date and notes & bibliography. The first system is usually used in various sciences, including social ones. Following this system, sources are cited in the paper with the author's last name and year when it was published. Each citation from the dissertation must match with a certain entry of a reference list to provide full information. 

As for the second system, the author cites sources in endnotes or footnotes with numbers. All the sources must be listed in a dissertation bibliography to provide detailed information. Both systems are quite similar. If you're not sure what system you should use, please ask your dissertation advisor about it. 

How to Cite a Dissertation in Chicago?

If you look in the Chicago manual, you can notice that this style is quite similar to the APA citation style. But still, it has its differences you need to remember to make proper citations for your dissertation. Usually, Chicago style 16th edition is used for academic papers in Humanities. 

Pay your attention that Chicago style uses a different system of endnotes/footnotes and bibliography. You need to capitalize on each letter in the title of your dissertation. Here is a good structure to use for Chicago style following the manual style 16th edition:

Author's last name, First name. "Dissertation title". Ph.D. dissertation. University name, The year when it was published.

Example (Reference List):

Fluid, Jenny. "Examining Characteristics of People Who Killed Others Concerning Their Family Relationship". Ph.D. dissertation, Atlanta State University, 2016. 

In-text citation:

Author's Last Name, First Name. "Title". 


Mitchell, Kate. "The Influence of Parents on Children". 

Author-Date In-text Citation:

("Title" Year when it was published).


("Social Crimes Done by Children" 2011)

Author-Date References Page Citation:

Year when it was published. "Title". Organization, Website.


2018. "Human-centered Model of Economy Growth". World Economic Forum, 

Footnote/ Endnote:

"Title of Source," Organization, Website.


"Humanity & Inclusion Impact One Year After Cyclone Idai". Humanity and Inclusion,

Getting Help with Citing Your Dissertation

We have provided you with the main instructions of the Chicago manual to cite your dissertation properly. Of course, we suggest asking your professor or personal dissertation consultant if you have got any questions about citing. As you can see, making proper citations is quite an important issue you shouldn't ignore. 

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