Helpful dissertation abstract writing Tips

Helpful dissertation abstract writing Tips

How to write an abstract for a dissertation? This process may seem daunting to many students because it involves their hard work and time to provide readers with excellent results. This guide can help you to simplify the work on a dissertation abstract. Read effective tips to get important tips to help you earn better grades after submitting your dissertation abstract structure. In a case when you cannot create a good document, contact our top essay writing service to provide you with fast and qualified help.

What is your abstract?

Before you start your research or study on writing a dissertation abstract, it helps to know the right definition of this academic assignment. What is it? It’s your summary of a future dissertation, which shouldn’t be longer than only 1-2 pages. It explains your research purpose to present its context and make other people want to read more.

Basic requirements

What are the requirements for a dissertation abstract? They’re likely to vary from one subject to another, any dissertation abstract should be concise, clear, written in your simple language to answer important research questions. Find good examples for writing a dissertation abstract online. Write it only after you have completed writing a dissertation. Your dissertation abstract should give all the needed information to readers to let them decide if they want to read your full paper. Include keywords to achieve this goal. Any typical dissertation abstract should be about 200 words, its length varies based on the demands of your university, its purpose, discipline (account or other subjects).

Important functions

What functions does your abstract have? This paper has three top goals:

  • Offer a clear explanation of your dissertation title;
  • Be a brief version to give information about the whole paper;
  • Give a brief overview of the dissertation text to readers.

Further explaining your dissertation title is the basic function served by your abstract to let readers better define whether it’s interesting enough for them to keep reading. Further explaining your dissertation title is the basic function served by your abstract to let readers better define whether it’s interesting enough for them to keep reading. Needless to say that your well-written text attracts more people.

This paper is your brief version for people who don’t have enough time to read the whole project for any reason. Many scientists read only it without discovering full studies. Its function is to be your overview of what readers should expect to make it easier for them to understand your materials. Your well-written paper guarantees that all difficult dissertation materials are better or easier understood. That’s why it’s important to create successful content for the abstract.

Place, length, time

It shouldn't be more than 5% of your dissertation. Make sure it's not longer than one page to make it possible for readers to review it fast. Where to place it? Your dissertation abstract should be written before your table of contents and after a preface. Please make sure you created it in the present perfect or present tense.

Acronyms, source referencing

Remember that people should be able to read and understand your abstract without reviewing your entire dissertation. You have to introduce acronyms when you use them. And what about references? When you use any literature source in standard dissertations, you have to include references. But don’t use them in your dissertation abstract. Here you need to write mainly about your research and any important findings.

Abstract dissertation structure

What to include in the dissertations abstracts? Use any good example of a dissertation abstract outline to structure it correctly or ensure its proper flow. State the problem of your study and its importance. Let readers understand why they should care about it by giving them your clear picture of gaps in your research.


What is your procedure, methodology, approach? Include your statement of methods, cover results or findings, mention your conclusions or research implications. You need to answer a question about what it means for others.

Four Key elements

These elements define your abstract dissertation structure:

  • Aims. First of all, define the main goal of your study. What problem or question you want to respond to in the dissertation? Feel free to include brief content of your topic but don't write too many details here. When the problem is defined, state the subject of your research. Please write this part in the past simple or present tense.
  • Methods. It's important to state the methods you used for your research. Keep it short, you need to describe methods in just a couple of sentences. Write this part in the past simple tense. Remember that your goal here is just to describe without explanation of why you chose a particular method.
  • Results. In this part, you need to make a summary of the research results. Make it in the past simple or present tense. Your dissertation may contain a lot of results, so it's not necessary to put all of them here. Just pick the most important and significant results to highlight.
  • Conclusion. This is a final part of the abstract where you need to state that your research has argued or proved. Write the conclusion using the present simple tense. You can include some important limitations briefly here. If you were solving a certain problem, include implementation and recommendations in the conclusion. You also can mention any suggestions for further studies, if needed.

Helpful writing strategies

Remember that your dissertation abstract isn’t an introduction to begin your following academic paper. The abstract summarizes the whole dissertation text. That’s why copying any introductory paragraph isn't good writing practice. We suggest creating an abstract only when you finish other sections. Avoid using extracts from your dissertation as a fast way to make your abstract because it should be a separate piece of writing.

How to start

Write your dissertation at the start. Although your abstract always goes in the beginning, its function is to summarize your full paper or offer a brief overview of everything you put in the study. It doesn’t introduce any topic as a thesis does. Your thesis and dissertation abstract are completely different things because your thesis introduces major ideas or arguments, while abstract reviews your entire paper with its results and methods.

  • Review all requirements given by the university professor;
  • Consider your future audience;
  • Determine its correct type.

Understand all writing requirements

This project has specific rules or guidelines, refer to their special rubric to identify important aspects to keep in mind and understand writing requirements.

  • Are there any style requirements?
  • Is there any required length?

Consider your audience

This paper is written to help others find your research or easily decide of it’s relevant to their interests. It helps all readers get at your major argument fast, keep their needs in mind when writing this paper. Will other academics read it? Consider your future audience before creating an abstract.

Determine its correct type

Although all dissertation abstracts accomplish one goal, they have two different types: informative or descriptive. We suggest using informative types for longer or more technical research and choose descriptive options for shorter papers.

Descriptive abstracts are usually 100-200 words long. Students use them to explain their research methods, goals, and purpose without explaining any results because they will be discussed in a separate section.

Informative abstracts are condensed versions of your paper to give a short overview of your research and its results. Their basic requirements for this document are similar. Remember that the main difference is that your informative type is longer and it must include research results.

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Dissertation Abstract Samples

Review these useful samples to create a strong abstract for your dissertation and graduate the university successfully:

Sample 1.

George Roy, 2016

"Killing the Innocent: Illegal Abortion Should be Banned"


"The subject of abortion is very popular to discuss in different studies. Illegal abortion is a huge part of it, and in many countries, such operations are allowed without difficulties. I argue that these medical manipulations should be banned. Of course, sometimes a woman's health condition doesn't allow her to carry a healthy child, and a doctor could even recommend abortion. This could also happen if they discovered the fetus has some abnormalities, so without making an abortion, a woman would have a baby with mental or/and physical injuries. There is a big chance that such babies will not be able to live for long. But some religious views are totally against abortion and they suppose only God could give and take lives. It destroys a healthy nation and brings a lot of problems. The dissertation contains studies with a comparative analysis of statistics from countries where illegal abortion is banned and allowed."

Sample 2.

Jessica Mayton, 2018

"Black Lives Matter: Problems of People with Other Skin Color in History"


"Black Lives Matter is a massive social movement in America. It proclaims that black lives matter, all people are equal and free, and people with black skin shouldn't be violated. The problem of people's inequality because of their skin color has existed in our history for a long time. Our society demonstrates black on black violence, for example, gang banging. How then can we prove that black lives matter? Is it only about when a white person commits something illegal on a black person? We should answer “no” to these questions. We shouldn't let our emotions bring any violence. It's obvious we need to respect our own culture and also other cultures and people around us. I state we should let stereotypes go, and accept other cultures and people like something great that deserves respect. Black people came into this world as all other people. We all are equal, and we all are great no matter how many flaws we may have. Black lives matter not only because in the Declaration all men are proclaimed to be equal. The dissertation contains some essay examples from history when someone tried to break the rights of black people without any punishment."