Best Ideas for Logo Design Inspiration

Best Ideas for Logo Design Inspiration

Do not be blinded by the obvious

Make sure to cast your net far and broad. Do not just focus on the best logos of all time (although it's a good way to begin). It's important to consider other aspects of the design for general use and the world at large.

If you come across something that is striking or appeals to you for whatever reason, save this idea. It can inform the design and help when your logo begins to develop.

Try doodling

Sometimes, you'll get caught up in these issues and get nowhere, so why not take your mind from the loop and let the creative juices flow without direction, with a bit of random sketching? It's possible that you'll get useless scribbles, but somewhere within the chaos of lines may find something that ignites the spark of inspiration that is essential.

Check out the history of your client

Look over the different logos that your client has used since the time of its founding. This could be especially interesting in the event that they date back several decades. It is possible to draw inspiration from the past in case the client wishes to establish its brand as a traditional one or is capable of completely transforming the original logo into something new and contemporary. This is a benefit because it allows you to maintain continuity even when you design a new look.

Examine the future of your client

Discuss with your client's future plans - what are they planning for the next 12 months or the coming five years? Are there any major changes in the near future or new products on the horizon that may have an impact on the branding you create? You must ensure that the logo is future-proofed since businesses evolve over the course of time.

Consider, for instance, Carphone Warehouse: no one is buying car phones anymore; therefore, why should it be able to lose an extremely successful brand which took many years to create with a name change to make it more fitting?

Ask a friend

Although it's perfectly sensible to gather the most information you can from your client, there's sometimes nothing more valuable than an independent pair of eyes. If you've got some ideas in mind, you can take them to someone with no connection to the idea and ask them to comment. A friend's honest opinion may be exactly what you need to spark your imagination.

Make some mood boards

Mood boards and brainstorms help you organize your thoughts and mix diverse ideas and images of all sizes, shapes, and subjects. Try playing with synonyms and keywords and collect a bunch of ideas from various sources on one mood board and see how they match.

Explore your design archives

It's likely that for each logo you create, you'll probably create several dozen sketches before deciding the one you want to develop further. Do not throw away the sketches because they can be a useful resource. Even if one of your initial sketches did not work for a prior client doesn't mean that it can't be used at all. Look back at the previous work you've done but haven't used. You might discover the seeds that, after a bit of care, can be the logo you're searching for.

Brainstorm with random images

Explore Google Images, Pinterest or Techs Pro Hub for related and unrelated topics for your client's logo requirements. Add those results to your mood board. Choose a color here, a shape there, a word, or a font, and then consider how these concepts can be combined.

Remain open

When you're done with each day's work, the spark of inspiration could come from anywhere at any moment. Be open to ideas that come into your head. Draw something in the way it occurs to you, then think about it again to consider what it could do within the constraints of your plan. In the early stages of designing, you should give your creativity the full reign. You should have plenty of concepts to explore and select the most effective elements from each one and eliminate the rest.

Do something different

When you've attempted everything, but you're not getting any results, do not try to try to force it. Relax and let your brain drift distracted by other activities. You can go to a movie or play some video games or cook a delicious dinner or take an amazing nap. It's incredible how simply taking a break from the task that is at hand and contemplating other things can lead to an instant flash of the right type of energy.

There's no need to wait for the inspiration to strike. The more you look for it, the more easily you'll discover it. You'll begin to see the things that work and what don't and then how to incorporate this into your own designs that are still in the making. For more inspiration, check Logoisus.