How to Write a PhD (Doctoral) Dissertation Properly

How to Write a PhD (Doctoral) Dissertation Properly

Creating a PhD dissertation is a very difficult and long process that requires great skills, a lot of time, and a good understanding of the faculty program. Needless to say, this paper requires several months to complete it properly. When it's finished, you must explain to the university committee the main idea of the paper and defend it in front of the chair committee to get a degree.

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Writing a Doctoral / PhD Dissertation: Tips for Students

Use these useful hints to complete a great dissertation without stress:

  1. Choose a topic, question and title correctly

Many university students can face the problem of how to choose a doctoral dissertation topic under their faculty program to involve as many as possible readers to study. Brainstorm and think about what problem you would like to research in your manuscript. Define why the idea is important for you and other people.Choose only a valuable and reasonable topic that won't lead you to a dead-end or put you into too complex research. Think about what kind of study you may need to solve the problem. Keep in your memory your document's topic must contain unique and reasonable information for readers. At the end of the dissertation, you will have to give solutions to your document's question.

  1. Develop your dissertation structure

Follow this simple structure to build your entire document:

  • Introduction. Here you put your problem and make a short overview. The introduction should be clear to read and understandable to readers; don't use many specific terms here.
  • Definitions. It is a part of the new terms which should be listed in order.
  • Concept. Here you should describe and explain the main idea of your manuscript and present the main concept of your dissertation. If one chapter is not enough, feel free to add the additional chapter to give more reasoning about the work's problem and its solution.
  • Experiments. In this part, you have to put the results of your work experiments to provide strong evidence in support of the thesis. In common, experiments accent efficiency or proof-of-concept.
  • Consequences. Here you have to write information about variations of your main idea or its extensions.
  • Conclusions. It is a final part where you have to summarize all facts and put the results of your research and study. If your manuscript needs some further research, this is a good place to mention it.
  • Abstract. Your PhD dissertation abstract is a summary of the whole paper. It usually consists of several paragraphs where you set the idea and describe your research and study approach. Keep in your memory the maximum size for an abstract is around 350 words.
  1. Use a proper dissertation citing

University students often face a problem of how to cite doctoral dissertation. Keep in your memory you should cite papers, but not authors. Don't cite other authors' thoughts, but only put attention at facts. You need to find only trustworthy sources and organize the information properly.

  1. All the dissertations need to be proofread and edited

It is an important process of your job. Without proofreading, your paper may look like a rough copy, but not a serious work or study. Take your time and proofread your text thoroughly to avoid grammatical and logical errors.

  1. Make a dissertation proposal

The main purpose of the proposal is to present a detailed outline of your research project to the chair committee to approve it. Your proposal should be from 5,000 to 8,000 words (40-45 pages), and it should contain the following things:

  • depth overview of your topic;
  • thesis statement and main questions that will be reviewed;
  • introduction part, where you should state the problem or question of your work;
  • literature review, where you explain how your idea is developed in other sources;
  • an outline of methods, sources, procedures and examples that will be used in the research process;
  • a detailed outline of your work's chapters to see your project in specific sections;
  • list of references where you should put all sources and materials.
  1. PhD dissertation defence

After the whole study and research process is completed, the defence is coming. The student must defend their work in front of the committee that consists of a chair and at least five people. The chair committee votes “fail” or “pass” (if more than one vote is “fail” it means the student can not be passed). Sometimes the university student fails, but the chair committee recommends them to the second defence. If the student passed, they get a doctor's degree. According to different projects and programs, students may take part in the doctoral dissertation funding competition. All you need to do is just register with an application form and take a chance to receive a monetary grant with your manuscript. Read carefully the overview and instructions of the program to understand all the needed requirements from university students.

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The Main Elements of a Successful Ph.D. Dissertation 

According to standards, strong Ph.D. dissertations must have a hypothesis that should be supported or disproved in your paper by the information collected during the study. Plus, a manuscript must contain some key parts like the introduction where you state the problem of your study, conceptual framework and the main question of your research as well as the list of references to sources you have used for writing the paper.

Your dissertation should be relevant and the student must be capable of doing research independently. The length of dissertations can be varied depending on the university. Remember that you have to include in the dissertation sections with the chosen methodology for your study, data collection, plus quality control and instrumentation. A section with population and sample size for research is critical for defending your dissertation thesis. 

Please pay attention to the section of results and analysis that must be included in a thesis. You need to create a discussion section and conclusion to let the dissertation committee see that you have a full understanding of the implications of the paper and its real-world applying to their sector of study and professional work.