Guide on how to Cite a Dissertation in MLA Format

Guide on how to Cite a Dissertation in MLA Format
Table of Contents
  1. Guide on how to Cite a Dissertation in MLA Format
  2. How to Cite a Dissertation in MLA Format Properly
  3. MLA Style and Its Requirements for Citing
  4. How to Get Help with Creating a Dissertation in MLA?

Working on your dissertation isn't a simple task that requires a lot of time, good skills, and abilities to make detailed research on the chosen subject. Plus, you have to fulfill all the requirements given by your professor, like a format, style, and other important things you shouldn't ignore. Before writing, we suggest checking all these parameters, so you won't have to rewrite and delete some odd things you wrote. 

If you have to cite a dissertation in MLA format but have no idea how to do it, our short guide will give you a clear understanding of how to cite a dissertation according to MLA rules. Learn everything about citing a doctoral dissertation from our article!

Making a doctoral dissertation is a huge work that needs a lot of time, knowledge, research, scientific and analytical skills, and many other aspects to fulfill the job well. This is a big project that candidates present to get their doctoral degrees. While doing such work, you must figure out how to manage time because you can't write this type of work just in fifty minutes per day. It's important not to be distracted during the process because you may lose some important ideas.

When creating this document, you must fulfill many important requirements, and proper citing is very important. In this guide, we will give you great tips on citing a doctoral dissertation in MLA. It's a job that requires tons of concentration and knowledge, so try to follow our simple hints to make a successful manuscript. Of course, if you haven't got enough time, trust specialists from a well-known company and ask the experts for help.

How to Cite a Dissertation in MLA Format Properly

Candidates often face a problem of how to cite a dissertation MLA in text. Here it's important to mention that you should cite papers, but not authors. Don't cite other authors' thoughts, but only facts. Use only reliable sources and organize them in a particular manner.

This is an order for citation elements for those people who are interested to learn how to cite a dissertation MLA 8th edition:

  1. The author’s full name (start with the last name and then type the rest of the name after a comma).
  2. The title (write it in italics or put it in quotation marks).
  3. The container's title (please keep it italicized).
  4. Other contributors to the paper (these could be names of translators, editors, and illustrators of the book).
  5. The version (if your source has an edition, include it in the description).
  6. The number (if your source has a number, for example, a volume number, write it in your citation).
  7. The name of the publisher (list all the publishers of this document).
  8. The date of publication (if the paper was published, list the date).
  9. The location (these are page numbers or a URL if you're using a source from the Internet).

Here are some important rules to cite sources in MLA style that you should keep in your mind:

  • You have to use italics and capitalization for a dissertation title
  • If a paper has a number, write it at the end of the reference
  • In-text citations should be placed with the author’s last name and page number

MLA Style and Its Requirements for Citing

Your professor can require writing your work in MLA format. Here are some main instructions for this style:

  • title page – not required;
  • font – 12-point, well-readable (Times New Roman is preferable, but feel free to use any other well-readable font);
  • double-spacing;
  • margins – 1 inch for all sides;
  • header – place it in the upper right corner of the document, type your full name and add a page number;
  • citations – according to requirements, you have to start with the last name of the author. Don't  forget to note the number of the page that contains the citation you have used in the manuscript.

How to Get Help with Creating a Dissertation in MLA?

Writing a doctoral dissertation is a very serious task that requires not only great writing abilities but also a high level of education and ability to analyze things and create logical conclusions. Some people may start with enthusiasm, but often they are not able to finish their work with the same attention and care as it was in the very beginning. When you need help with MLA style how to cite a dissertation, trust a reliable writing company that is ready to assist immediately.

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